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How has tennis grip popularities changed across the years?

Over the years, I've observed a significant shift in the popularity of tennis grips among players. Previously, the Continental grip was the go-to for most players, but the semi-western and western grips have gained more acceptance due to their benefits for modern power-based and topspin-heavy games. Eastern grip, while not as widespread as before, still holds a dear place among those preferring flat shots. It's been fascinating to see how these trends have evolved, reflecting changes in playing styles and tactics in tennis. It's a clear reminder that as the game evolves, so do the tools and techniques players use.

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Why was the ranking system in tennis removed?

The ranking system in tennis was removed in August 2019 after being used for decades. The ranking system was based on a points system where players were rewarded for their performance in tournaments. However, the system was criticized for being too complicated, and players felt it was unfair. The ATP and WTA replaced the Ranking system with a simplified system that assigns players a single number based on their performance in tournaments. This new system is simpler and fairer, giving players a clearer understanding of their standing in the game.

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